Please get in touch if you would like to discuss your 3D scanning requirements.

3D scanning is one of our most popular services. We have a state of the art, high resolution Eiscan-S 3D scanner. and this allows us to:


A typical project involves scanning the object on a rotary turntable, from various angles.

Inspecting it on screen to check for quality issues.

Converting it into a ‘watertight’ STL file for 3D printing.

Objects can be resized prior to printing and various surface finishes can be applied (the small duck has been vapour smoothed).

This fossil was scanned and printed to illustrate the accuracy of the scanner we use. Dimensional accuracy of ≤0.1mm can be achieved.

A WW1 machine gun magazine scanned, printed and painted for a museum exhibition

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The above car part was no longer available from the manufacturer. It was scanned, mirrored and printed for a customer who is restoring the car. ABS printed parts can be rubbed down, primed and sprayed using colour-matched automotive paints.

We have recently invested in a Scanify Fuel 3D hand held scanner. This gives us more scanning options and enables us to scan more objects on location and safely scan human faces. This can be used to create 3D prints or generate coloured and textured digital files for animators and game developers. Files can be exported in STL, PLY and OBJ formats.