Test Print

Printed in PLA at 100 microns with no post print finishing

Fully Functioning Adjustable Wrench

Printed in ABS at 200 microns. Printed in one piece with breakaway supports

Time Lapse Video of a 3D Print

Printed in ABS at 200 microns

At 3D Generator we have two 3D printers capable of printing very fine detail (100 micron layers). We have a range of plastics in stock including ABS and PLA. These are rigid polymers available in a wide variety of colours. If you require something different we can order in other materials including flexible polymers or even filaments that when printed resemble metals or even wood!

At 3D Generator, we offer lots of 3D printing options. You can supply your own STL file for us to print or we can scan an object for you and then print it. Alternatively we can use CAD software to design a unique object before printing it.

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Custom Tripod Mount

Incorporating a screw thread insert

Tesla Super (Phone) Charger

8 parts printed in ABS at 100 microns

Designer Vase

Printed in ABS at 200 microns


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Prototype Consumer Product

Printed in ABS at 100 microns

Scan and Print of Custom Violin Chin Rest

Item scanned and edited in CAD software. Printed item includes brass screw inserts.